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His shirt’s soaked with sweat,

Soldering smoke and yet,

He has had fun

Track wiring half done,

The track plan as complete as it will  get!

Still running the air purifier,

Don’t need a humidifier…

Plenty of light–

Three lamps shining bright–

His soldering iron  on fire!

Finalized a couple more spurs

From industry tracks that once were…

Salt shed track

Was modified  back,

To a siding with “green growing fur.”

It’s nearly one electrical block,

If wanted I could cut sections up…

But just one train

For this tired brain,

Spotting cars to load up!

I’m planning the tourist train,

Variety the name of the game…

A simple turn around

The turntable’s sound,

Add a trolley and nothing’s the same.

–Jonathan Caswell

The Poet refers to progress on his N scale switching shelf layout..





My latest E-bay package

Was a pair of RS-1s,

Was happy to get them

On a shorter bidding run…

My wife picked up the “Sante Fe”

And wondered if I’d be

Modeling a line out West,

A different role for me?

I tried to explain to her

I just liked RS-1’s,

And these were the best I bought

And the last ones…

She liked the “Frisco” one as well

It was easier to see,

So maybe I WILL build west

To Albuquerque!

–Jonathan Caswell