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Thirty-five millimeter film,

Developing might thrill ’em…

Pictures of my wife

And me from life,

No cats and no children.

I nearly want to shout,

Progressive pics of the train layout…

At least a track plan

To show where I am,

And what I’ll do without.

Maybe some scenery,

Who knows–been too long for me…

To recall

What’s on there at all,

I hope they’re pleasant to see!

–Jonathan Caswell


Stone engine house and turntable,

Would that really enable…

Tourist trains

Stopping to gain,

Access  sales to store chains?

Impressive but crowded,

Perhaps I won’t allow it…

Moving the station

Brings consternation,

For promoters who’d tout it.

Will the station fit,

Is that placement legit….

It’s up to me

With a college degree,

To work on things a bit!

Jonathan Caswell



He’s really made some progress,

He’s built some interchange

On both ends of the layout

Which has been rearranged…

Well he’s blowing for the crossing

That N scale train of mine!

Just get that trackage wired…

We’ll make this run on time.

He’s found a perfect match for

A busy industry,

A bright corrugated steel

Building , yes-siree!

And he’s going to make it

Unload salt and coal…

Some woodchips on the side

For gardener’s gold!

He might just have a spur for

An engine house at last,

Except during salt season

When they have to unload fast…

If he ever gets track wired,

They’ll ship that salt at last!

He’s got a cardboard backdrop

With a mirror glued in place…

It’s angled to reflect the track

And not your pretty face!

He’s going build half a bridge

With the mirror below…

so it will suggest that the tracks

Beyond the back drop go!

He’s going to hang a cover

To keep his train tacks clean,

And finalize his future plans

For an operating scheme…

Oh he has lots of train cars,

More than he needs,

He kind of went overboard

In a buying greed!

–Jonathan Caswell

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I did write this to a tune in my heard…one of Johnny Cash’s tunes…FOLSOM PRIsON?



I purchased clear Elmer’s glue,

Do you know what I will do…

I’ll tack down my track

So it won’t be slack,

When I see if current runs through!

If the electrical continuity

Is satisfactory….

I’ll solder joints

With new soldering points,

And run my first train gladly.

My N-scale switching layout

Has seen much dust, no doubt…

Will clean it up fine

Before trains are on the line,

Then I won’t have to dig them out!

–Jonathan Caswell



During his train buying spree,

He split into eras, two or three…

Steam, diesel-electric,

Both selected

Not just for tourism–you’ll see!

With all the wonder transpired,

His layout hasn’t been wired…

With this good stuff

Someone called his bluff,

Hot coals underneath him were fired.

Abrasives, bread and coal,

Join plastics, soda , on the roll…

Water treatment too

And textiles run through,

To keep his N scale trains full.

Alternative energy

From woodchips, fly ash, groceries…

Vie with tourist trains

For space on the main,

But the branch line is pure fantasy!

–Jonathan Caswell