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Doing a short recap,

It died, my other C-PAP…

Nancy Greene

Gave me one that had been,

For ten years or so kept.

My first try Sunday night,

I didn’t get the mask right…

One wake up did

For my wife’s need,

This morning–refreshment delight!

Took a nap today,

Slept right through by the way…

Woke up to find

She’d changed her mind,

Spaghetti squash done the right way!!!

–Jonathan Caswell



He grumbled into the bedroom,

He grumbled it wasn’t fair…

But then fell asleep

For hours a heap

Of quietly breathing bear!

He had his nasal mask fitted,

Unplugged and moved his machine…

Machine started whirring,

The man stopped stirring,

Asleep and not talking mean.

Woke up after sleeping hours

And didn’t know the time…

His wife said’ he did fine in bed,

For himself–he felt fine.

He liked that the bedroom was quiet,

He liked quickly falling asleep…

Complaining done

He slept until one,

And never made a peep!

–Jonathan Caswell