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(To Tune of: “Animal Crackers in My Soup”)

Need motivation to get around,

With snow and ice on the ground…

Too many falls and one’s courage folds–

Trade in the cane for a couple of ski poles!

Driving in winter is no breeze

‘specially as those wet roads freeze…

Salt and sand’ll do the trick,

Trust those folk or you’ll worry sick!

Making a grab for  cold ice  creams,

New Englanders eat a lot it seems…

Flavors like coffee and maple nut

Keep us from falling into a rut!

Legendary motives cried of old

Motivate us when we’re  cold…

Cuddling up with a friend or wife

Makes it worth digging out for life!

–Jonathan Caswell



The second day of the New Year,
We’re headed for “zero” I fear…
A low of nine
In the city is fine,
But out in the country, oh dear!

These low degrees in Fahrenheit,
Should not give New Englanders fright…
But we’ve had it soft
In winter too oft,
And now the temperature seems right!

Those with electric will run up the bill,
I wish we had a woodstove still…
The work was hard
Culling from a woodyard,
But it definitely kept out the chill.

—Jonathan Caswell