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REAL PRODUCTS—from ladyornot.com

Posted on May 17, 2013 by

Real Products:

wrc WTF Friday #38Are you getting a divorce and aren’t quite sure what to do with the rings?  I suggest a Wedding Ring Coffin. For the low price of $39.95, you can lay your marriage to rest.  Personally, I would just sell the ring or reset the diamond.

catsoap WTF Friday #38Love your cat?  Love the way your cat’s food smells even better?  Then I’ve found the product for you.  You can purchase cat food scented soap in a beautiful decorative tin.  Now you can announce to the world you’re a crazy cat person.  For the amazing price of $6.85 you can have your cats want to eat you. 

In the News:

 WTF Friday #38A man in Miami really wanted a beer, but couldn’t afford it.  So, he broke into a car and stole a credit card, and then walked in and ordered a beer.  The bartender started to swipe the card, only to notice it was his.  I’m pretty sure this guy is a contender for the shine on you crazy dimwit award.   Read more here…

gator WTF Friday #38

I got him good hahahahah

A man in Florida was jumping for joy when he escaped police pursuit for a brief moment. They had pulled him over for a traffic violation, when he sprinted away.  Little did he know a police alligator, aka my new boots, was waiting for him.  The gator snagged him near the water treatment plant.  When he went to the hospital, the police got word of the injuries and the location.  Gives new meaning to “See you later, gator.”  Learn more here…

Video of the Week:

This video made my day.  I laughed, but it’s pure, clean fun.  Thanks Jay Leno.



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