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Frost hides in shadow,

Cold sunshine sublimes black ice…

Lilies stick out tongues!

Motorcycles parked,

Club-ride snakes long–through downtown–

Traffic:  parade rest!

Passover chicken,

Roasted lambs in short supply…

No time for lamb care.

Easter Bunny’s eggs,

Hung on trees seasonally…

Plastic stocks gain ground.

Bird migrations start,

Robins parse out snowy lawns…

Geese and ducks’ pit stop.

Peeper frogs’ fast love,

Amphibians unfreezing…

Deer savor new shoots!

New shoes and dresses,

Everyone radiates life…

Springtime dress in flowers!

–Jonathan Caswell




Now that commotions have settled down,

What did you get this year…

Was it more than ties and socks

Or plastic mini-reindeer?

Part of this Christmas we bought ourselves

And guarded jealously…

My New Haven Rail calendar

I definitely wanted to keep!

I received a couple of imitation rocks,

Labeled with “FRIENDSHIP” and “HOPE”…

A ceramic bell (and socks as well)

From an aunt who has helped us cope.

I bought my wife a STAR TREK

Calendar…got a hug around the neck…

And  the trip up north, we sallied forth,

Where we spent a week to connect.

We both got new shoes for the year,

Even on sale, we paid dear…

Did you see the change

In poetic re-arrange,

It’s your turn to stand up and cheer!  🙂


–Jonathan Caswell