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In a photo album,
Was my Cousin Esther King…
Her left hand had no fingers
But did ‘most anything.

Her mouth was very busy
With few teeth inside…
What she had were artificial,
You should have seen them fly!

She lived alone in Millville,
A shadow of its self…
Whenever we would visit
She had cookies on the shelf.

She asked us to stay over
Each and every year…
Mom and Dad would always beg off,
As if they had something to fear.

One year Mom explained it,
Cousin Esther was very poor…
If we had stayed overnight
She’d have used a month’s supplies for sure! 🙂

Cousin Esther has left us
For that Mansion in the sky…
Some day I’m going to travel
Past Millville, by and by.

—Jonathan Caswell