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NO MORE TEARS…by Carl Gooch

No More Tears

Do you dwell in a home,
Where you tremble alone?
Is the quiet of your night,
Filled with fear and fright?

On a pillow moist with tears,
Are you tormented by fears?
In the darkness of your room,
Do you feast upon the gloom?

There is a small spark of hope,
Grip firmly to the rescuer rope.
With each word His love shows;
Promises spoken, hope grows.

His loving promises are true!
The Good News is for you!
No matter how bad your day,
Christ is the truth, the life and way.

It is in the dead of night,
When no help is in sight.
He hears our mournful plea,
And comes to you and me.

Rejoice our Savior lives!
Oh what comfort that gives.
With Him, there is no fears,
In His arms, there is no more tears.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 13 July 2015

PROVEN JUST…by Carl Gooch

Proven Just

As I lay suffering and dying,

I called and He heard my crying.

Gracious is the Lord of mercy;

He eased my pain and set me free.

When I was in the dark place,

He came to me and offered grace.

Return, O my soul, find your rest;

The Lord comes to forgive and bless.

My ears will hear no more lies;

And no more tears falls from my eyes.

I am filled with love and joy,

Praises my heart does now employ.

I now walk through this land,

Lead only by a nail scarred hand.

Where do I place my hope and trust?

In Christ alone who has proven just.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 22 June 2015