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“NO COMPROMISE” Radio today

Featured the nonsense displayed…

By denominational quacks

On divergent tracks,

Pushing common sense right away.

A lady theologian (?) suggests

Replacing Crucifixion by nursing breasts…

The Virgin nursing

She said was less cursing

Than Man-centered violent contests.

This gal neglected to explain

How payment for sin would be the same…

Even Catholics won’t say

That the Virgin Mary paid

For the sin, only Christ could–and came!

Embarrassing to be naked on the cross,

Our Lord chose to suffer the loss…

For glory to come

And peace for the ones

Who willingly believe Christ paid their cost.

I don’t think the Virgin’s breasts bared

Are appropriate visually shared…

That “theologian” didn’t offer

Her own to proffer,

The point being she was justifiably scared.

Maybe the Ephesus temple

For her, conveniently resembled…

The foolishness heard

That she then conferred

On the conference, being way too mental.

Does God have mothering–of course—

Jesus’ comments about mother hens wasn’t forced*…

Inserting modern crap

To avoid a Bible tapped,

No wonder her church’s brain and spirit have divorced!


–Jonathan Caswell

*See Luke 13: 31-35