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NONE BUT YOU….by Carl Gooch


Loving Father, it is because of you alone

That my heart overflows with praise,

Quiet my soul and still my tongue

As you poor out Love’s blessing…

On your servant, holy hands raised!

Gracious King, your way is life,

Truth in your holy word for us to hear…

Your Holy Spirit given

To strengthen our way to Heaven;

Your presence allows no room for fear!

You rise majestically,

Give us rest when we’re weary…

From evil you lead and protect

And bless us ever direct,

A loving Father that wants our best!

My Lord and my God you are loving,

Your miracles faithful and true…

The God of my father’s father

There is no other like you!

Carl Gooch*

* NOTE:  Some of his works presented here are from two or more months ago. I am suspending his “Written on This Date” information to ease the transcriber’s embarrassment!

ALSO–his poetic form has been changed slightly.