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He has a decision to make,

For their blessing’s sake…

Stuck in holes

As boulder o’er rolls,

The bottom of what they can take!

Options there are but two,

Change or continue…

In present course

As things go worse,

Or agree with what’s known as true?

Faith is a curious thing,

Active by listening…

Then obey

Starting today,

Supply what’s missing.

–Jonathan Caswell





Addiction slowly kills,

It is a clash of wills…

Inner distress

From too much business,

Overspending has to subside!

He marshalled his last bids,

Paid some smaller, he did…

In what he found pride

He pushed aside,

Claiming his home money minced!

A year went by since blast,

Of Ebay jitters passed…

He’s on the run

‘Cause relapse begun,

The die for obedience cast.

–Jonathan Caswell



Joshua took from Moses

His mantle and shepherd’s staff…

With one phrase repeated over and over,

As part of his leadership path.

To take a people resolved

To obey what God said…

Their parents had died when they wouldn’t abide

With God as spiritual Head.

Be strong and courageous,

The battle won’t be long*…

Today the noise of battle

And the next, the victor’s song.

Joshua had to literally fight

And we have to literally pray…

Pushing back the dark and let the Light

Come in ’til Judgement Day.

It take but a mustard seed of faith

So tiny but it grows…

Be courageous in your time,

To tweak the Devil’s nose!

–Jonathan Caswell

*Line and the next two taken from the fourth verse of the Christian hymn, “STAND UP, STAND UP FOR JESUS” .Lyrics by George Deerfield, Jr. and tune by George J. Webb.




For reasons both moral and medical

I decided it was less heretical…

To refrain from booze

As something I’d choose,

Showing God’s love is real not theoretical.

I went on a Dominican tour

A ten-week trip to ensure…

I could derive

And survive,

The missionary’s life for sure.

Our hosts were a missionary couple

With two kids, really no trouble…

But these folks imbibed

Which in the inside

Of some people doubt caused to bubble.

A whole-group restaurant meal

Caused some of these doubts to congeal…

One table did boldly,

The other was told, Re:

To not imbibe at the meal.

 This moral ambiguity

Convinced  this pre-missionary…

That it’s not right—

 The Gospel with “Bud Light,”

Mixed signals are viewed as contrary.

In addition my diabetes,

Which survived a sugar cane squeeze (!)…

Wasn’t really helped by

The alcohol high,

It was better controlled without these.

For moral and medical reasons

My ministry will face less malfeasance…

My purer witness

To God’s holiness

Is viewed as proper obedience.


–Jonathan Caswell