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Woke up after dreaming a dream,

Of some sort of Oedipus scheme…

It’s happened before

But one I deplore,

Got a warning in the midst, it wasn’t keen.

I woke up to low blood sugar,

Is that why this dream was a booger?

Can’t always control

What the projectionist rolls,

The subject can be “badder” or “gooder.”

My dreams tend to work ’round a scheme,

Can’t always tell what they mean…

Like driving really far

In an open-front car,

Or with a windshield that never stays clean!

I seem to “prefer” flood waters,

Without the comfort of otters…

While flying aloft

Or driving oft

Through the edges with no sounding spotters.

Entrances and holes become smaller,

Which I wiggle through, growing taller…

One never knows

Where a passage goes,

It changes down each new “holler.”

I see a lot of trains and ships

And people in quick “film clips…”

Mostly on the move,

Little time to soothe

Emotional vict’ries and slips.

The outside observer of dreams

May posit a view on the means…

I sometimes enjoy

Being the little boy,

Depending on the projector-man’s schemes!

–Jonathan Caswell