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Three hundred fifty years, from 1639,

To the year we were married is fine…

Caswells in America–

A little piece of clerica,

Another cheer for 1989!

Like the start of the Space Are,

Other things took center stage…

In Eighty-nine we married

And on honeymoon tarried,

Two weeks…in this day and age!

So it wasn’t til later

That I realized to celebrate her…

And my family’s time

In this U.S.A. clime,

Although for family it wasn’t a high rater.

I’ve collected Bicentennial ¬†cabooses,

In N scale to do what one chooses…

Re-letter mine


Unless one caboose refuses.

Then run a special train,

(I have history on the berain),

Around my train track

And then run it back,

I run it every year again!

–Jonathan Caswell