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I see some ribbon on the hall rug

That Kizzy ‘cross the hall batted there…

He used to bat a lot out,

Underneath his door, to be fair!

I heard he had a problem

With his litter box output blocked”’

The vet. looked inside and foundĀ  those

Ribbons in his colon well-stocked!

I hope Kizzy learned his lesson,

Fewer things left in the hall”’

He is, as an older kitty,

We hope wisest of all.

Speaking of blockage,

My parent’s Toby Cat…

Got into a chunk of suet

Chewing all that fat.

Toby moaned and did not eat

For a few days or so..

.We were all overjoyed

When he went to “go”.

His vet said no operation,

Just let it all work through…

Toby Cat learned his lesson

And let the birds have some too!

–Jonathan Caswell