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(Information with some opinion)

Been watching a movie in view,

Gender roles after World War Two…

Western women came back

Learn to please any Jack,

Giving up what some loved to do.

East Germany, many men gone,

Women had to work to get along…

Independently minded

They weren’t blinded

By the adage….wine women and song!

In the East where freedoms were less,

Arrangements working women found best…

Living nearby factories

And childcare strove to please,

The needs of single mothers were addressed.

The movie goes on to education,

Morals and adolescent imagination….

Not saying it’s all good

But around here such things would

For decades here start conflagrations!

One wiashes when married more tiome,

Was spent on communication lines…

Relational attitudes

More insight most could use,

In bed and at all married times!

–Jonathan Caswell

Ideas taken from the blog….THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT, August 14,2015 post…