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LAUNDRY SUCKS, from ladyornot.com


Laundry Sucks

Posted on March 25, 2013 by

Today, I am expecting a friend to come visit.  This is wonderful because we are close and I love to have visitors.  The problem is that my husband has been out-of-town the last couple of days.  This means wrangling hypothetical children and doing all the pre-guest prep alone. One of those things is laundry.

When I first got married I went to the doctor for some back pain issues.  All sorts of not important things were said, so I tuned him out… that is, until he uttered the words all women want to hear: You shouldn’t do laundry.  He told me that laundry, including folding and putting away, would aggravate my back, so I should avoid it if I could.  This became the new gospel in my house.

laundry Laundry Sucks

This worked wonderfully for almost 13 years.  Here was the rub. He wasn’t here.  I could always use child labor, I supposed.  I asked them to pitch in and I helped too, though I pouted about it.  But it was a school night and they had to go to bed.  There was still laundry in the dryer.  I didn’t want to do it, but I had backed myself into a corner as my sheets are in there. Sigh.

So what is a girl to do when she has to do something so horrible? Write a blog about it and complain. So there it is ladies and gents: I have to actually do work around my house.  I guess now I deserve a spa treatment and a full bottle of wine.

Wine Cleaning Laundry Sucks



Lady or Not… Here I Come!

P.S. I did my first guest post on Jason’s new blog.  It isn’t funny. I am under strict orders to be authentic and not silly. I am supposed to write there on Sundays, when he writes here.  You can read it here: http://squirrellywriter.com/2013/03/24/friend-or-foe/