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He asked him self what odds

Of being canned for frequent “nods”…

A Parkinson’s perk

Repeated head twerk,

Of still working at this job?

He heard they might retrain,

Someone with a Parkinson’s brain…

As long as can

He’s a Security man,

This job he hope’s to retain!

His doctor and social workers,

Disability has a purpose…

And designate

Time away from his mate,

But he’ll move more like a tortoise.



The gentleman walks with his cane,

His ambling gait not the same…

His big challenge

Is to not lose balance,

Has Parkinson’s…by name!

Standing with a cane braced,

Dizziness comes in haste…

Grabbing support

He holds the fort,

Til the feeling leaves no trace.

Mostly walks briskly alone

But must concentrate on his own…

Legs flying fast–

Will balance last,

His mind calls a slow down

(and walk straight!)

This gentleman walks with a cane,

His legs frequently in pain…


Pokes him with glee,

His slow progress puts him to shame.

–Jonathan Caswell



Reasoning why our Pastor came here,

To a small church on a hill…

It was more than a chance to be paid

And we all take it as God’s will.

Something I learned in the past few weeks

Makes me more willing to attend…

Our Pastor and his wife had had a busy life,

This church wished to minister to them as friends.

We can see our Pastor failing

With Parkinson’s and the like…

Depending more and more on his church

And on his nurturing wife.

The reasons we attend are often selfish,

For attention and being entertained…

For those of us who no longer “lead”

Perhaps secret envy remains.

Our priest and ministry calling,

Especially to the household of faith…

Is to each other as sister and brother

And to keep Pastor’s dignity safe.

It was a “decent” crowd for Easter

But not yet filled to the gills…

It’s the weekly crowd of which God is proud,

That with love our Pastor’s heart fills.

–Jonathan Caswell