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Walk on dry pavement

Thinking of the snow to come

Might be calling out

Man’s struggle with drifts

Many legendary tales

Not all of them survived

Walking on pavement

Thinking about fifteen inches

Winter battles come



They had a frank discussion

About  office fashion…


Was it terrible,

He expected a concussion?

Come to find out they agreed,

On dresses above the knee…

Some too short

She’d rarely sport,

There was not a problem he’d see.

Professional presenting neat,

Of which she was a treat…

Both conceeded

Neither exceeded

Boundaries that were meet.

Deciding what was and ain’t,

And obviously no complaint…

Some weren’t her style

He heard with a smile,

But neither was she old fashioned or quaint.

He offered his cant expertise,

“Don’t change a single thing, please”…

Nothing more to say

Both went their way,

And both were put at ease.

–Jonathan caswell




His church has no Pastor,

Their Pastor was called away…

But a working of the Spirit

Has the church leadership in play.

A meeting with another member

Who prayed with hands laid on…

Brought up a time from the distant past,

Which set off an internal gong.

He himself, lays on hands imparting blessing,

Speaks in tongues rarely at best…

His fellow member is more vocal,

Just like a test in his past.

In Campus Bible Study, long ago,

Controversy sprang up in their midst…

Two different theologies clashed

Torn asunder, the ultimate gist.

So now he fears for the life of his church,

‘Though he believes the Spirit’s in control…

It’s happened for him one too many times

So he grieves for misunderstood souls.

A knee-jerk reaction could set off

The conflict he wants to avoid…

The worst thing that could happen

Is to see church unity destroyed!

He thinks he’ll talk to an Elder,

Not voice it publicly…

He wants to avoid a firestorm

Set off by his being panicky.

Pray for the unity of Christ’s Church.


–Jonathan Caswell