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Do you know in your heart

Whom you can trust…

At suffering’s start,

Who won’t your feelings bust?

I’ve been daydreaming

About a certain friend

From another religion…

How will our friendship end?

If his group is then majority

Will I be fed to the wolves…

Or will he somehow stand up straight

And we both be summarily culled?

I pray for my wife and me

That we would stand up strong…

She’d prefer to go in the Rapture,

If we can live that long.

Paul the Apostle warned all

Marrieds to expect stress….

We’ve through a few

Episodes, not less!

Christ had knowledge of all men

No one had enough faith…

In the final throes of this world

Only God will make sure a soul’s safe!


–Jonathan Caswell





While I sit here typing

Little grunts are going on…

Like a tummy in trouble,

Or a pig with booties on.

I look into the Office—

Only Eric and Daria there…

Neither one is sounding

Like the noises passing near.

I think it was a Doberman-colored

Chihuahua in the hall,

Being carried by his Master,

The kind and older “Paul”.

They’re headed for the car

For a ride, no doubt…

The best part of the deal

Is that “Bandy’s” going out.

–Jonathan Caswell



Most redheaded friends have turned

Some other hair color, I’ve learned,

I think God is saying

It’s time to stop straying…

And get back into His Word.

Kicking against the goads, Paul said,

Which the Lord said to him when he sped…

To Damascus to seize

Saints, but fell on his knees,

Was blinded and fell nearly dead.

Paul started preaching anew,

From the Old Testament that God knew…

That Jesus was the One,

God’s very own Son,

And God offered it first to the Jew.

Now Paul didn’t emphasize hair color,

So why should I be the dullard…

It is for people’s souls

That my Lord Christ trolls,

Who am I to be concerned with how they’re colored?

—Jonathan Caswell