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After a long and tiring day

He wrote frustration and anger away…

Watching videos

His eyes half close,

And at a happy ending tears display.

Down a face yearning for peace

Finding trust and release…

Not often he feels this way

After a very irritating day.

Harkening back to younger years,

Easier flowed those grateful tears…

Silly dogs’

Animation jogs

Memories of childhood tears.

A movie plot

His attention got…

Sweet release,

This time of peace!

Lessening of tension high,

Just in time for beddiebye…

Suddenly tears

Release fears

And anger by a good cry.

Sometimes guys

Need good cries…

On certain days

(Women amazed???).

Release via happy ending,

Less time simmering he’s spending…

Each new day,


Has enough for that day’s trending.

Calmer heads

Go to beds…

He won’t borrow

For tomorrow!


–Jonathan Caswell


PEACE AND REST, by Carl Gooch

Peace and Rest

In God my soul always finds rest;

His faithfulness has stood the test.

In days of trial He helps me cope;

The Lord is my promise and hope.

He alone is the rock of my salvation,

He is my fortress never to be shaken.

My life, my honor upon God depends;

But I fear not for His love He sends.

When I am weak and my storms are huge,

I turn to Him my mighty rock, my refuge.

He has my trust in all things, in all time;

I pour out my heart and His peace I find.

My Creator knows the number of my days;

And His love and promises guides my ways.

He has blessed me with friends here below;

He is with loving comfort for them,

When it comes time for me to go.

When my time ends and my duty’s done;

I will heed the final call of God’s own Son.

I will walk no more in this world of pain,

But sing His glorious praises in loving refrain.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 03 January 2013