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He knows what most will say

If he tries to explain away…

The quandry he’s in

Taking on the chin

The reasdons he’s not okay.

The house and the car are a mess.

Bringing him down perplexed…

Why is he frozen

‘Bout easily chosen

Methods of reducing stress?

All he needs to do is CLEAN,

Not that hard, it would seem…

But mental blocvk

Makes his talk

Ultimately unredeemed.

He doesn’t intend to flout

His excessive burn-out…

Long term care

Getting nowhere,

His weakness he won’t tout.

Consequently onward he plods,

Hoping to even the odds…

What mind won’t do

Perhaps he’ll break through

Nutritionally, by eating pea pods!

–Jonathan Caswell




His wife and he both know,

When it’s time for her to “go”…

Things go better

If he just lets her

Tell him what is needed and so.

She says “please and thank you” often,

As a matter of fact to soften…

What is often a chore

That she needs him for,

He’ll be less likely tempted to scoffing.

They found mutual respect paved,

When neither of them is knaved…

Treated badly

Causes one to flee,

Then the relationship won’t be saved!

Each is thankful that the other

Helps without smother…

Allowance made

At the time, for aid,

So helping is of minimum bother.


–Jonathan Caswell




(An industry as well as a concern)


When one has an itch

But can no longer reach,

That person needs some help

Satisfying one-by-each.

This person whether young

Or old, it seems to me…

Has to pay for someone

To care personally.

Young less often and

Often not for long…

Put up with what they have to

Until the lack is gone.

But older and the “challenged”,

For such designation…

Is made of those disabled

And “chose” by need with this assignation.

Whatever the need, people

Must help by wipes and cleaning…

Helping one less able to

So they can focus on a life of meaning.

Increasing inability

Increases need by force…

Thankfully my wife can see

Me as her primary resource!

Doing what we must,

If not as other men do…

My wife indeed relies on me

To see her all the way through.

Husband I will always be,

But lover I became less…

Submission to all her needs

Became more important to mesh.

I’m not telling you all this

To garner piteous sighs…

But in a life-long love affair,

The man who loves–dies.

A man who loves a woman,

And takes her for his wife…

Must do as Christ did for His church

In covenant, give up his life.

Not every man can handle this

But so saith the Lord…

When you marry her soul you carry,

On how you serve her you are scored.

Sometimes (sometimes?) I grumble

For I have limits too…

Among we three–my wife, Him and me—

With His grace we’ll make it through!!!


–Jonathan Caswell