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For STAR TREK, fifty years old,

Not just alien women were bold…


Embarrassingly fine,

Had a character starting out cold.

Would an aspiring poet confess

As to which his fave actress…

Doctor Crusher

(You didn’t dare hush her)

Was high on his list, no less.

Then look a Catherine Janeway,

A strong woman Captain in play…

When Tom Paris berzerked

By some magic quirk,

You’d be who took her away!

Would I date a Beta-Zed?

Would she put up with what’s in my head?

Her “Imzadi”

Fits her to a “T”,

But Worf has a chance, it’s said!

–Jonathan Caswell



(Personal opinion about a so-called “Biblical” movie.)

The wife and he settled down,

Easter weekend not in town…

Settling food

By movies viewed,

On TV–familiar ground.

What is it with movies today,

That throw old stories away…

To make up in turn

Glories unearned,

Mislabeling must be okay!

The 2006 version

Of “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS” our diversion…

Mislabeled as such,

It spendeth too much

Time making God the aversion.

Moses was portrayed

As hearing god in his “hade”*…

Took no advice,

His life sacrificed,

Ignoring any offers of aid.

(“The Ten Commandments” entitled

For them, barely minutes of fame…

Broken on the calf by this plot path,

This god said, “Don’t come up here again!”)

So the tribes made laws by default,

With definite secular gestalt…

Majority rules

Without godly tools,

Just Moses’ wisdom and salt.

Of course it was hard to see

With all those commercials for “free”…


The same thing showed,

Interrupting the plot frequently!

We watched until it was done’

A mislabeled  movie..no fun…

If I’d paid a pack

I’d want money back,

For that channel, this “inspiring” was glum.**

–Jonathan Caswell

* Poor attempt at an accent.   Some folks somewhere do pronounce “head” like “hade”…Sorry for the attempt, but I needed to rhyme there!

** “inspiring” being a general hint as to where this Biblical fiasco was shown.  Methinks they SHOULD ask for their money back…but that is just a poet’s view point…who believes more in the Bible account than apparently the producers of this movie did.