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According to ‘WALK IN THE WORD”.

Miriam was most disturbed…

By Moses’ new marriage

That she disparaged,

Before getting to her deepest hurt.

In the original language used,

The female form was used…

Spoke a woman


Who felt most abused!

Said God–come here you three–

I’ll tell who is closest to Me…

Moses most humble

But ’bout Me you grumble,

Miriam’s tagged leprosy.

Seven days outside the camp,

Moses kept her from the damp…

Changed attitude

When God’s way viewed,

Healed–she came back, no cramp!

More recently, one fell to grumbling

Under his breath–not humbling–

What will God do

The dense to break through,

Or allow in his way some stumbling?

Grumbling under the breath,

In the Desert…was kiss of death…

But for God’s mercy

Miriam cutseyed,

And came back in perfect health!

–Jonathan Caswell

“WALK IN THE WORD”…a radio program on WVNE, 760 AM, 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm, weekdays.



Insisting I walk with a cane

An excellent precaution to name…

The foot drains,

Occasionally pains,

But progress is tough to claim!

If the foot won’t heal

Will I find all my work zeal…

Cut down to size

When I’ve realized

I have no further appeal?

Walking with a cane–what a hassle–

Unbalanced e’en in my castle…

I hated my limp,

Now I’m really gimp

Implications with which I must wrastle.

–Jonathan Caswell



(A cautionary tale)

I got my Lieutenant’s Coat,

Being second-in-command…

When the account was lost

My bars didn’t look so grand.

Transferred to another post

With leadership already in place…

My bars were fantasy to them,

My coat was in their face!

Another man, made Lieutenant,

So I gave a set of my bars..

The coat was still in their face:

A hated reminder of our’s?

My new boss waited patiently

It seemed, for the right time…

For a way to get rid of that coat

And get his revenge sublime.*

One day he was in luck,

The lining zipper got stuck:

He offered to help and grabbed the thing…

…And no more intact coat!  😦

–Jonathan Caswell

* NOTE:  Parts of this story have some truth in them…other parts, not so much!  Dramatic poetry will do that!  🙂