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The amputee’s world of woe,

Pain in the right  great toe…

The one now gone

Still lives on,

Phantom pain twinges  hurt so!

It’s hard to realize,

Been nearly two years (surprise!)…

Since my fall

And ambulance called,

In a hall that’s been miniaturized.

Six months off the job,

Oh how that missing toe throbbed…

It drained and drained,

Then finally refrained,

I had a second toe “bobbed”.

Almost back to norm,

My driving foot weathered the storm…

My wife asked

Will it do the task

Of getting her home, safe and warm?

–Jonathan Caswell



I got a hair cut at last,

Before cold weather’s blast…

With grow-in time

Before autumn rime,

All I needed to do was ask!

You’ve heard of phantom pain,

When an amputated limb feels again…

Stray hair on the ear

Made it appear

That shagginess needed a tame!

My tufts on either side

Were not a matter of pride…

Balanced spoon on my nose

Gave impression one knows

Of  a koala, face supplied!

–Jonathan Caswell