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A friend asked about EDAVILLE,

He thought I could use a thrill…

He’s wanting knowing

If the train’s still going

Around on it’s fruit-bog circle.

I’m afraid he was dismayed,

I could not give what he craved…

What’s a train, let me see

In distant memory,

OH YEAH, where I frequently played!

But that seems so long ago

Since I LOOKED at one, ya know…

Of my time most

Is spent on these posts,

With this is my mind enthralled.

So today, I went and looked up

The subject of his interrupt…

EDAVILLE still runs

For the kids and funds,

I’m sorry my knowledge wasn’t up.


–Jonathan Caswell

Information on the 2-foot-gauge train and activities at EDAVILLE can be found at www.edaville.com, which IS INDEED RUNNING AGAIN THIS SEASON!!!!!