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(to the tune of THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS)

I met a neighbor come inside

From bath rooming her dog,

She complained that the snow had,

Emergency exits clogged…

She was going to call the Office

Register a complaint,

To point out safety concerns

That doing so they “ain’t”.

I think a certain someone

Should go out pretty soon

And shovel off what they can

This late afternoon…

Sprinkle on some ice melt

That entrances are clear,

To make sure we are all safe

And none live in fear!

Part-time here becomes full=time

In winter–I should know–

I used to work at Maintenance

For two years or so…

But living in your place of work,

You’re the first line of defense,

You must be ready for the snow

For normal recompense!

I hope my neighbor calls soon

So a man may stop by

To do as requested

Despite the snow fly…

Maybe I can manage

A “landing” or two,

With some effort on my part

We will muddle through–

Yes, with effort on our part,

We’ll somehow muddle through!

–Jonathan Caswell