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American education:

Idealism never did come…

Always bias

“If you don’t like just try us,”

And misfits generally classed “dumb.”

We have made great strides,

But the ideal of college slides…

Leftist filth

It always has built,

Since churches were cast aside.

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece)




Today, Monday is Presidents’ day,

Arranged for the long weekend…

Originally Lincoln and Washington,

February 12 and 18, were this holiday’s end.

Now two stalwarts from the past

Are removed and pushed aside…

Instead we’re left with a party for

Everyone on the Presidential ride.

It’s like our education,

No particulars ever needed….

About American civic pride

Lest minority ire be exceeded.

The folks coming into this land,

Coming in to share its pride….

Are astonished at education here

That advocates national identification die.

Whatever is convenient,

THAT the powers will do…

But be proud of their own heritage,

Alas, those days are through!


–Jonathan Caswell