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(Opinion…hopefully not too political)

Yesterday I was a grouch,

When I see injustice, hollered OUCH…

Suffering enters

Refugee centers

While millions line a leadership pouch.

Sob stories for Palestine

Have always been popular lines…

Our media see


But ignore between propaganda lines.

Children who’ve lost parents

Are used to find knights-errant…

Of dubious mind

Who willingly blind

Themselves to what’s readily apparent.

Children are hid behind

Or made to suffer next time…

Put in the way

Of danger each day

To satisfy anti-Israeli crimes.

Enough money flows into Gaza

For many shopping plazas…

Yet the people see

Little generosity,

Except for  suicidal data.

Why should we believe in hate

Going back centuries to relate….

Israel stands

In the real God’s hands,

Not making their citizens bait!

This tit-for-tat isn’t right,

The world’s yet to see the light…

Palestinians despised

By other Muslims’ eyes,

As dirt and encouraged to fight.

Israel’s citizens are free,

Jew or Arab, both have dignity…

In Israel–monuments

Are not destroyed–hence

Each religion can save its history.

Of the suffering, leadership coffers,

Should open up with healing/helping offers…

If all the money given

Were released to help the living,

Both sides would have mighty few scoffers!

But you know that really won’t happen,

Power is too precious for tapping…

Money stolen

From suffering now swollen,

Too busy riding herd on Israel’s scrapping!

–Jonathan Caswell

MARCH 17TH, 2014

MARCH 17TH, 2014

I think I won’t celebrate this year,

Being from the “orange” isn’t as dear…

As politically more correct green,

Though both on the flag, time has seen

To inflict the orange with fear.

I used to wear both orange and green

Socks under trousers unseen…

And then make a show

Of letting folks know,

I was colorfully in the scene!

It’s not about girls, beer and bread,

Or wearing green hats on the head…

There’s history here

For which was dear,

Many sacrifices now dead.

Irish propaganda, the same,

Some vehicles for Sinn Fein…

And the I.R.A.

Currently at bay,

Revenue from this day did obtain.

British deliberate attempts

To institutionalize contempts…

Ethnicity and faith

Commandeered for the State

To keep native peoples as meant.

And yes–I’ve drunk green beer–

Eaten soda bread with cheer…

Traded red for green,

British red was obscene

To Irish Catholics here.

Having ancestral blood in all three,

It’s increasingly hard for me…

To willingly be silly

On a day warm but chilly,

With conflict blood inside of me!

–Jonathan Caswell