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A fat, furry tiger-and-white

In the hallway here…

Posing in front of his apartment door,

As he does throughout the year.

Flops himself indolently

Stretching out in cat display…

Woe betide the scratcher of bellies,

He might not want to stay.

When we first moved in next door

A poodle had resided here…

Kizzie clawed the poodle’s paws

The poor dog ran in fear.

We had a cat of our own at the time

But Kizzie bold as brass…

Entered our apartment,

Vanquishing the dog at last!

For nailing the little dog paws,

Kizzie lost his front claws…

When that dog walked by

A careful eye

Was kept where Kizzie might pause.

Our cat has gone

But Kizzie the cat lives on….

Sometimes he greets me with his feats,

Slips into his door and is gone.

–Jonathan Caswell