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This fellow doesn’t exist,

but if he did he’s been kissed…

With events

That make sense,

Just not what he’d wished!

He has their rent paid,

With a loan from life insurance made…

Until april

When rent goes up still,

(Too much overtime paid).

Driving for treatment every day,

For  an infection that got away…

Gas tank

Levels sank—

And it’s not even Monday!

Little food left but bread,

Craves protein his body said…

No funds in thebank

account has tanked,

Creditors demanded to be fed!

Lost TV  and phone,

Leaving them all alone…

Wife’s “LIfeline”

Uses the land line,

So she’s unprotected at home.

Big bucks they can’t handle,

Presently using candles…

Or nearly

To see clearly,

Their own financial scandal!

Now, if these folks existed,

They’d be among the foolish listed…

Life is hope

Somehow to cope,

With what of one’s life has consisted.




“No hard feelings?” she asked,

His feelings were masked…

His favorite lost

Because of the cost

Of beimg bolder than brass.

She said it with a smile,

Walking out in her style…

He barely said

HIS feelings led

To anything but a smile!

He had shared too closely

Some personals in poetry…

She took offence

And then hence

Gave him notice, you see.

Friends at a distance, okay,

The closer ones…pain every day…

Regrets too late

A loss to hate,

Have to hide it every day!

–Jonathan Caswell