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Salespeople say “try us”,

Is wrong to not admit a bias…

Being a male

Does entail,

Being consistent..reliant!

You’d males want everything open

(Are you feminists hoping?)…

Not necessarily

He replied airily,

Respects women–not grope them!

Shirt dresses-blouses are nice,

Easy to look on them twice…


Is special to see,

Eastern European spice!

Sweaters he likes of all kinds,

And floppy over-sized look fine…

And he prefers

To look at hers,

And not that other kind.

Slacks skirts and dresses all nice,

Except during snow and ice…


He would agree,

Precludes any poor choice or vice.

Come along and know it,

Here is a male fashion poet…

While tied to his kind

He might change your mind,

Humble enough to not crow it!

—Jonathan Caswell

(the “fashion poet”)