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They’ve been married ten years

And get along well it appears…

Both work at cleaning—

Very well-meaning–

Seeing them at their jobs sure cheers!

Another couple tried,

Was their cooperation fried?

THEY didn’t last long

Was their marriage strong

Enough, commercialized?

Pedro and Gloria rate

High in “cooperate”…

They’re working out fine

For the bottom line,

A marriage with positive traits.

–Jonathan Caswell



Th eye doctor has a jewel

Called Sarah with an “H”…

A redhead I remember from last year

Who has many positive traits!

Her folks from Lancaster county, PA,

And she lived up near Cooperstown..

She knows on the map where Binghamton is,

All places I’ve been around.

Found out that she likes poetry

and was willing to take a look…

At a blog (this one!) she just learned about

And on Thursday, she’ll receive my book.

How pleasant she is–professional too–

Shifting patients with caring and grace…

I’d be honored to be under her care

When next I visit the place!

–Jonathan Caswell  (May need editing…my eyes are still dilated!  Wanted to get this posted before she checks in again!)