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You’re the life of the party,

A linchpin in space

Between a friends’ circle

And your ferrets’ place.

The love of your husband

Fills you with joy…

Your heart then opens–

That love is employed!

You name several “mothers”

And you are one too…

Determined to fight

For what’s true!

Befriending the difficult

And challenging near…

You show Heaven’s love

Until Christ returns here.

Enthusiastic advocacy

Despite your own pain…

So glad to have experienced

Your net sum gain!

–Jonathan Caswell

A “Poet Extraordinaire”



Early Christmas Sunday
Inside our complex…
He was walking in the hall,
Surprised at what heard next.

He heard the wind shriek and moan
Around his apartment wing…
He thought he heard voices,
Haunting, on the wing.

The souls of those without love,
The thought that came to him….
Like Jacob Marley visiting Scrooge
An uncaring heart to trim.

Nothing in the world can fill
The voids of people within…
But for God, His Love practising,
Or else you’re a hollow wind.

—Jonathan Caswell