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A mine for “unobtanium”

At Clark’s Trading Post,

In mid-state of New Hampshire

May have coined the term first…

But he has ore of his

Named just the same,

It isn’t mined but “isn’t mine”

Part of a mental game!

He thinks he needs people

Whom he’ll never meet,

Who’ll be good examples

Of folks on which he’s sweet…

Based solely on peripherals

Not likely face-to-face,

It’s a sort of warped reality

In reality’s place!

He’ll focus on a particular

Feature or a style,

To generalize fantasy

To generate a smile…

If he’d just be more comfortable

with real people nearby,

He would not have to pretend

With a tearful eye!

We hope he learns to wake up

And seek out friendships real,

Not shallow generated

Images to feel,

In all his isolation

He’s held onto a few,

Who aren’t just fuzzy figments

With no living to do.

He’s getting so long-winded

I’m sure few understand,

The shadows around him–

He is a lonely man–

Apparently has not grown up

But will harshly criticize,

While missing opportunity

Right before his eyes!