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His N scale model railway,

Unfinished to this day…

Is labeled P.C.

Not politically,

But “Procrastination Central”, he’d say!

So much on it still to do,

Each project is almost half-through…

Keeps changing direction

On theme selection,

Rearranging things as if on cue

HE THINKS…he’s nailed it down,

His scrap plastic pile’s quite a mound…

Rough kitbashing

Some parts go missing,

On which  he won’t expound!

–Jonathan Caswell



The plot is becoming thicker,

His excuses start to flicker…

Won’t have solder

Each joint–don’t bother–

These connectors are just the ticket!

His N scale trains sit quiet,

Needs? He needn’t buy it…

All is in place

If only he’d face

This wiring project–just try it!!!


Featured Image is of suitcase connectors in use.


(Remember—although related in subject or theme, each three-lined haiku is a complete poem!)

Artistic regrets:

Procrastination’s dead fruit

served on dirty plates


Cabbage Nights approach

Halloween’s old history

Raising Hell for fun


Autumn leaves carpet

Clogging newly dug out drains

Hip boots, anyone?


All is not lost, Dear

There were fine colors this year

Someone photographed


–Jonathan E. Caswell



Will he never be satisfied,

His roadbed he says is too high…

But for main line

It’s more than fine

Maybe a compromise tie?

He wishes just two power feeds

To handle all of train needs…

Asking why

He can’t apply

For Federal loan guarantees!

The basic thing–get it running–

Other pikes get motors humming…

Over bare boards

Which has its rewards,

To hears those rail joints drumming.

Excuse me while I go back,

To watch that video track…

I may think

Of something unique

To write about when I come back. 🙂

–Jonathan Caswell



Why is he still avoiding,

Chores that won’t wait til morning…

Those heavy shelves

Won’t assemble themselves,

His wife wants them up in the morning!

That DVD/VCR recorder thus far.

Was brought in weeks ago to start…

And there it sits,

The old VCR quits,

That project hasn’t gone far!

The train set with which he’s besot,

Never really got…

Wired as planned,

Do you think he’ll intend

To do it before it snows a lot?

The car and other chores too,

Are planned (the last-minute) to do…

His lap top screen

Is rarely clean,

Procrastination affects the view!

–Jonathan Caswell


(graphic borrowed from https://dorkchopsworld.wordpress.com/ –the blog  post of the same name!)


This guy isn’t really a beauty,

He’s a man who sometimes shirks duty…

His depression is real

Effectively concealed,

Making decisions a little loopy.

Self-care a big bugaboo,

Neglecting helpful things to do…

Mega dry skin–

Lotioning has been

Something he rarely will do.

Some things like book delivery

Or consigned selling that he…

Asked about months ago

Move rather slow,

But the stuff moves occasionally.

If he hits a mental brick wall,

Not much will get done at all…

His model train

Needs work again,

But his strategy is to stall.

He is, however investing

In additions that sound interesting…

Like J. Paul Getty

He’s getting ready,

But the bank card really needs resting!

Often putting off the doctor,

His wife has to encourage and proctor…

His taking care

Of his needs there,

At times he’s been so mad he could have clocked her!

(But didn’t)

–Jonathan Caswell