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Worshipful singing,

Like our prayers winging…

Rising prayer

And singing air,

High up in Heaven’s halls ringing!

Women and men rejoice,

Sing in your hearts without voice…

Prove god’s worth

Adoring Christ’s birth,

Heaven and earth of one voice!

Continually worship God,

Continuing though thought odd…


Knowing the great,

Lord of all will respond!

Singing hymns and songs

From Scripture needs to grow strong…

In God’s word


by those who say you are wrong!

Second by minute and hour,

Bathing in the  word brings power…


Find Bible keys,

Christ is your fortified tower.

–Jonathan Caswell


As I Grow
The Lord is my light, worthy of my praise.
He is my salvation, whom shall I fear?
His holy mountain has become my life;
He is my stronghold, I will fear no man.
Even as the wicked advance against me;
I’ll remember that His love has set me free.
See how my Lord’s enemies stumble and fall;
Though armies’ attacks my heart does not fear.
Great and true are the promises of my Lord.
Rich blessings He pours out on this sinner.
My mind can not grasp what He would do
Or He would bestow on a child He called His own.
The one thing I now ask from the Lord:
That I may serve Him all the days of my life.
What wondrous joy would fill my heart?
What gladness and praise my songs convey.
The mighty King of King from Zion reigns;
I seek Him in His temple, visit His throne.
In the days when trials and trouble come,
He will keep me safe in His loving care.
By His hand He sets me high upon a rock,
He is my refuge from ravages of life’s storms.
As my enemies come seeking to devour me,
Trembling seizes them as your might is revealed.
These things of which I speak; I know.
Those great blessings to me, He did bestow.
Every thing I now have, to Him I owe.
So I will trust in Him even more as I grow.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 18 December 2012