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My apologies to Demi Monde,

Rosie Rockets, of whom I’m fond…

Race Day costumery

Almost buffoonery,

Seems weird, this side of (either) pond!

A tilting bucket hat—

Black velvet, at that…

Fancy clothes

With—who knows—

What gimmicks for this season’s mat?

Shapely classic dresses

This American guy impresses…

But the head-gear

Is it fun every year,

Why cover those gorgeous tresses?

(of her hair)

–Jonathan Caswell



Surry’s have fringes on top,

The outfit has more than its crop

Of torso detail

Which doesn’t fail,

One’s attention to stop.

The skirt bottom fringe may swish,

At any movement of the dish…

Fabric fluttering

Causes stuttering,

Gazing on this outfit delish.

Race Day indubitably will,

For observers be a thrill…

Less the horses that ran

But what’s in the stands,

Being a woman of good will.

–Jonathan Caswell