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THAT FINAL DAY, by Carl Gooch

That Final Day
Listen close all of you people;
Heed the words of the wise.
Hear it ring from, the steeple,
To comfort you and dry your eyes
Turn your ears to the proverbs,
They are revealed in the heart.
Spoken by the prophets suburb,
So truth from you will not depart.
Our eyes will see many wise men die;
And the fool and senseless also perish.
The rich man will lose his wealth and cry,
For it was the only thing he did cherish.
For none of us can redeem another,
Or buy them back from the grave.
The ransom is too high my brother,
No payment is ever enough to save.
I do not fear the days to come,
When the wicked surrounds me.
I do not trust in riches as some,
But in the One who died to save me.
I walk in His mercy led by His grace;
It is by His will I live for Him each day.
My greatest reward is to see His face;
As He calls me home on that final day.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 29 January 2013