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Whether women or men I hear it is the same,

We keep our eyes in motion for a game…

Of catching in a fell swoop

A glimpse of crevice or loop,

Wherein we find the beauty we can name.

Women conveniently may lean forward,

Exposing certain features being froward…

Try not to act on cue,

They’re probably looking at you

For reactions at what you’re gazing toward.

Yes, two can play the game and often do,

It’s best to stay cool and quiet all the way through…

Not overly distracted

By what should not be acted,

The object is to your own love be true (for me, anyway!).


–Jonathan Caswell





Maybe you’re the kind of one

Who likes to pass things out…

Helping Momma or yourself,

With a giggle or shout.

I will pass my poetry

To those who appreciate…

This form of creativity,

Their reaction “pays the freight”.**

My boss stopped me at work

From handing out my nuggets of joy…

I guess possibly offending someone

Would affect his and my employ.

There’s a third-shift cashier–actually two—

For which I keep a smile…

They have no computer access

So I share with them a while.

One or two folks near home or at work

Get a copy, if it’s something good…

One or two folks I work with,

My poetry, have understood.

–Jonathan Caswell

NOTE**: To “pay the freight” is another way of saying you get enough back by doing it to make it worth your while…worth your effort.