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(From a Facebook Friend)


The purpose in establishing this BLOG is to allow me to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in my own way.  It is not a matter of growing up, but my being ready to come out from  being under an overseer, as the Bible puts it somewhere.  Instead of working solely to build up their readership—this doesn’t stop me from still posting there, if they let me—but I feel it is time to fledge (develop for flying) my own wings!

God once was involved with everything His Creation was…He still is, but it’s largely hidden in this fallen world. I wish to reinsert Him, or at least open minds up to the possibility of God being the Creator and being greatly pleased with His creation (us). and loves us very much.  are we perfect?  Not yet!  Can we become so, by God’s grace, YES!!!   Come visit and see how this old codger (a nickname from college) is doing.

Come back soon!—Jonathan Caswell 🙂

P.S.—I am a former redhead, but still have freckles and a few tendrils of “red” (one or two in the middle of the forehead that poke me in the eye if I let them!).  Hence the reference to the Google Image below: