It’s been a longish day,

So how come i can stay…

Awake this long

To write a song,

And follow Jesus’ way.

Been hard to go to sleep,

Odd hours I must keep…

Getting back to normal

Seems so formal,

My naps are seldom deep.

For I am oft on call,

Whatever shall befall…

The bedroom door stays open

While asleep I am hoping

That my wife doesn’t need to call!

It’s been like this for years,

Helping to dry her tears…

She’s often in such pain

We spend our time praying,

That God quiets her fears.

Then she sleeps and I rest,

Mornings often best…

To take the time to doze

And help find her clean clothes,

So she’s decently dressed.

At work I don’t worry

Much, despite the flurry…

Of things going on

I’ve rested  upon

The lord’s protecting her, quite early.

And now REFLECTIONS** plays,

I can sneak away…

To rest till morn,

To be reborn

By the gift of another day!

—Jonathan Caswell

NOTE**REFLECTIONS is a Daystar Network program featuring Christian tunes and softly-done songs, combined with nature videos and selected Bible verses appearing on the screen, fading out and replaced by the next scripture.  A very restful program…even when shown in the middle of the day


(Image courtesy of Duane Allen, on Facebook)