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(1ST PETER 1:6;  JAMES 1: 2-5, 12)

When hit with various trials,

It won’t help voicing denials…

Choose rejoicing

God’s praise voicing,

In various and all styles!

I love praising God in song,

It’s how I get along…

Like money in banks

When my life tanks,

The praising helps me be strong.

The neighbors may glower,

But I sing out of the shower…

No need to be wet

Mimicking a quartette,

Which get tiring after an hour!

Tomorrow’s a brand new day,

In hope I sincerely say…

As the Lord is my witness

I’ll work on my fitness

And burn this fat away.

Deciding a day at a time,

One slip won’t the whole day unwind…

We are forgiven

If in Christ we’re living,

Despite how our trials may grind!

–Jonathan Caswell



A number of folk I know,

Are busy with scant time to slow…

Which for me is fine,

‘Cause I see in kind

A delightful humanity flow.

Some days are harfer than others

For sons, daughters, fathers and mothers…

Just a quip

On the outward trip,

And I perceive their druthers.

Not much time for discussion

As most of the time they’re rushing…

To escape for the day

And relax some way,

Take a nap on a fluffy cushion?

I’ve learned to stay out of the way,

They won’t run me over, so I say…

Behind the desk

It’s a safer task

To rejoice with their end of the day!

–Jonathan Caswell