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A fine little ditty,

For all  you fashion pretty…

You do best

When suitably dressed,

Driving us fashion bugs giddy!

A man in fashion review,

Does it help he writes poems too…

Much healthier

Watch clothiers,

Than other things more lewd.

Rejoice with me you pretties,

All I can offer are ditties…


A comment gently,

I hope that is kind and witty!

–Jonathan Caswell


Bell of Victory

Rejoice!!! I say again rejoice.
The final race has been won.
And the day of rest is at hand.
Now we will stand beside God’s Son.

Shout for joy to God my brothers.
Sing glory to His Holy name.
See how awesome are His deeds,
Give to Him glorious fame.

Look what the Lord has done.
His mighty wonders are lain you.
When he call me out of the dark,
There I knew His love was true.

My bones may turn to dust,
And the grave may call my name.
But death will never know me,
For the Lord God hold my claim.

Rejoice!! Rejoice with me this day,
I can almost hear the angels singing.
As Christ the Lord leads the way,
I hear the bell of victory ringing.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 11 June 2015

SET FREE, by Carl Gooch


Let the holy word of God lead you,

Let the love of the Lord feed you,

Be the person God made you to be…

Rejoice that the Son of God set you free!

God made us to be strong and true,

Sent His word to help us through,

When sin blinded we could not see…

God sent His Son to show us mercy.

God came down in flesh to do,

Sacrifice and forgiveness too,

What mercy, no greater can be…

God’s own Son has set us free!

Let God’s holy word lead you,

Let the Lord’s love lead you,

Be whom God made you to be…

Rejoice, the Son sets you free.

God has a plan that is perfect and true,

Days filled with grace and blessings too,

Rejoice, rejoice for we’ve been set free…

Free to live in His eternity!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 31 July 2014


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Election time is in two weeks,

Do you know what I fear…

That things will get even worse

No matter who wins this year.

I wish there was something I could do

Other than wait to vote…

But I’m not qualified to say,

Or subject to devote?

Opinions flying back and forth,

Hate words are often said…

I’m sure some folks like me will rejoice

When it’s over…blue or red!

—Jonathan Caswell

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