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(Each themed 3-lined haiku is a poem in itself)

Hoot owl forest call

Softly heard on a work night

First time this season


Late night return home

Keeps the car interior cool

From jumping guide rails

Highway hawks on perch

Snow hides squeaking a la cart

Slim pickings in road kill

His practice at night

To listen for the night sounds

Has enriched for years

See your own vapor

Steam from the depths of our souls

Remembering time

–Jonathan Caswell



Contrary to practice we hadn’t any plans,

Just to get through another day…

Near the end of the month with very little cash

She made fresh blueberry pie anyway!

We watched all the war films we could find,

She’ll watch tonight’s concert on TV….

From the Mall in Washington under the stars,

Maybe I’ll find it streaming on-line , for me!

We got outside for a walk, not very far

around the building end and back in…

It started to sprinkle as we headed for the door–

A day or two before she’s out again,

We’ve thought about our forebears–she’s called one or two–

I leave my family pretty much alone…

She urges me to call a cousin who cares–

She’s more active than I would be aat home.

No cemetery visits, no marching in parades,

On Sunday I just couldn’t keep the pace…

We do the best we can considering conditions

and pray for peace among ther human race!

–Jonathan Caswell



Memorial Day Weekend already,

And we can’t see Uncle Freddy…*

The concerts we’ll see

Are all on TV,

P.B.S., one of a few that are ready!

We do Sunday picnics grave-side,

I’ll bring a chair for my bride…

The Caswells we’ll “see”

Are familiar to me,

We’ll show off our national pride.

My wife wants to swim again,

And I’m afraid, what then…

If she can’t stand

It will demand,

A strength more than mine to amend!

The tourist trade takes this to be

Summer’s start, unofficially…

Hoping for big crowds,

Economic rebounds,

I remember what that meant to me.**

–Jonathan Caswell

* Fictional character for rhyming purposed.  Actually…my Uncle Freddy was 4-F, like my Dad I think, during WWII.  He’s buried in Enfield Connecticut.

**Used to volunteer at a train museum in New York State back in the early 1980’s…and some promotional work since then!




Covering a gatehouse for the last two weeks,

Discovering memory fails us in what we seek…

After all

It is so small,

It is loud whenever one speaks!

Two adults in that tight space,

One must always give place…

To the other,

It’s a bother

Standing face-to-face.

Tomorrow’s my last day,

Then the “new guy” will stay…

With more room

I assume,

To arrange things better his way!

I always will go back,

Even with dead train tracks…

For a period slight

It was MY SITE,

But that was twelve years ago, to the day…!


–Jonathan Caswell

NOTE:  Not sure it was to the exact day of today….but that rhymes better!  It WAS about twelve years ago!





Beloved Myrt has later stayed,

To change the glassed-in display….

Employee Appreciation

Is the explanation,

In September it’s coming our way.

Pictures of many long-gone,

Make the statement that it isn’t wrong…

To remember the past,

How we had a blast

Singing in beautiful song!

Those times seem far away,

But in this town, the parties stay…

A chance to be fed

And special words read,

Knowing that the Company’s okay.

It’s nice in this business clime

That someone still spends the time…

Appreciating the work force

As a matter of course,

Who help them ring their profit chimes!


–Jonathan Caswell





Heard on the radio,

In the middle of a talk show…

Someone insisted

That ALL be listed

This weekend for a memorial bow.

He wanted the families too,

To be lauded for what they do…

Isn’t this why

Flags already fly,

To help these folks make it through?

An Armistice Day conspiratorial…

After the next war became Memorial,**

The War to End All

The next domino to fall,

In the long human history tutorial!

We remember the ones not home,

And the ones who raised kids alone…

Sure isn’t the same

Having only a name

And not a warm body to own.


–Jonathan Caswell

**Too bad the Poet mashed up the facts…Memorial Day was the result of Decoration Day after the Civil War, when Civil War veterans’ graves were decorated.

Armistice Day, on November 11th, 1918, was the day the “War to End all Wars”—World War I.—ended by treaty with Germany.  It became Veteran’s Day by 1958 and was firmly established as being celebrated on November 11th by Congress and President Gerald Ford in 1971.






We guys are of the mind

To remember in kind…

By memory

What used to be,

That’s how we are inclined.

April 10th was the day,

My former fiancée…

Gave me the boot

While she gave pursuit,

To other men with which to play.

Only takes a look or perfumed air

And thinking flies off somewhere…

Just wanting to cling

To remembering

All excited over what’s not there.

–Jonathan Caswell




Leaning the upper forehead

Against a door frame or wall…

Feels cool to the tough

When an order seems too tall.

Your Momma put a gentle hand

Upon your cheek or head…

Expressing her sympathy,

At least my Mother did.

Leaning there a moment

Before the “carry on”…

Helps you find some solace

While learning to be strong!


–Jonathan Caswell





My wife and I are thankful

For blessings from the Lord…

While we may not have a “bank-full”,

Our lives are rarely bored.

We’re thankful for relatives,

Especially those who speak….

To us in commonalities

Like flood stage of the creek.

We’re thankful for family

And friends who remember…

That we are God’s children,

And Diana’s birthday in September.

We pray that we’ll be taken up

In the Rapture, really soon…

And until then, enjoy what life we can,

Whether morning, night or noon!

–Jonathan Caswell