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The joys of manhood mid-flower,

Occupied with marriage and kids…

While not easy is apt to tower

With pride around and amidst.

Appreciating–no problem–

He can visualize love and hope…

He’s certainly not at the bottom,

If he leaves this he is a dope.

Colloquially, men by their nature,

From which it’s hard to escape…

Must deal with being productive

And not feeling caught by the nape.

Rebekah comforted Isaac*

But who will comfort me…**

The childless have no reminders

Of unborn progeny.

As all men grow older

And vitality fades…

An old nature smoulders

Sighting enticing maids.

Yet both men must hold their vessels

In honor and self-control…

Remembering commitments

And fighting their undertow.

–Jonathan Caswell

* “Rebekah comforted Isaac”…see Genesis 24: 59-67

** “comfort me”…a rhetorical question made by certain men–not necessarily referring to the Poet himself.



At what point in this picture

Does a rail enthusiast vanish…

With coal dust in his hair

And skin rather tannish.

Mostly men–but women, too,

Disappear at any time…

Rail enthusiasts live out

Both reason and rhyme!

–Jonathan Caswell

Photo by Adrian Brodie, May 22, 2014, at Didcot Railway Centre (UK)…Entitled    “Inside The Shed”…posted June 18, 2014 at http://greatrails.net/

Photo of Inside the shed