I PROFESS….by Carl Gooch

I Profess
O Lord, I find refuge in you,
I say, “You are my Lord;”
Without you nothing can I do.
You are my shield and sword.
You place saints around me,
Faithful and wise in your sight.
Your word gives life to me,
It fills my heart with delight.
The Lord is my chosen portion,
For He chose me to be His own.
His love is as warm as the sun,
And His arms are my home.
The Lord has blessed me richly,
Beautiful is my inheritance.
Grace and mercy He gave to me;
The only one to bear my sentence.
He blesses me with counsel true,
And instructs my heart at night.
The Lord goes before me in all I do,
Only in Him can I do what is right.
He fills my heart gladness,
My soul rejoices in praise.
To Him my love I profess,
He blesses me all of my days.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 16 August 2015

THANKS TO GOD, by Carl Gooch

Thanks to God
In times of trouble and trial
Sometimes it’s hard to see.
Even in the struggle and pain
I know my Lord is with me.
And I give thanks to God.
When all the world attacks,
I call upon God’s own Son.
Even through the turmoil,
I rejoice as a blessed one.
And I give thanks to God.
When darkness surrounds
And fear comes to call,
I cry out to my dear Lord,
And He is there through it all.
And I give thanks to God.
Even in my darkest times,
My heart is filled with joy.
For what my Lord holds,
No one can ever destroy.
And I give thanks to God.
I fall down on my knees
Tears of joy fill my eyes;
I am a man richly blessed,
For the Lord hears my cries.
And I give thanks to God.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 10 September 2013