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More hair-raising every year,

At least to this older guy…

Twenty-five miles

Of various trials,

He prays every trip and here’s why.

Summertime  heavy traffic,

Northbound is never static…

Construction zones–

Several tight ones–

Vehicle flow is erratic!

Each section needs different skills,

Mostly a matter of wills…

Drive forward hard

Give not a yard,

Take it high speed over hills!

He stays in the slow lane,

High speed isn’t his thing…

Gradual loss

For him is his cross,

But happy he is still driving!

–Jonathan Caswell




Bright lights blast out of the dark:

“Construction here you’ll embark…”

Lights blinding

You while driving,

‘Tween barrels, cones in the dark!

Roads being sclarified,

Deep grooved on which to drive…

Special encycles

For motorcycles,

Rough roads increase chances to dive!

Certain parts get paved soon,

The roughest stretches assumed…

Lane/traffic changes

With equipment arranges,

Make driving sane nearly doomed.

Thank goodness for head lights on,

Won’t end up on somebody’s lawn…

Or in the river

Fighting a shivver,

Maybe we’ll stay here and spawn!

–Jonathan Caswell