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Since using her C-PAP machine,

The Missus has much time to dream…

Now I’m the one

Who wanders around,

Too agitated to dream!

She’s averaging eight hours,

Her energy rivals cell towers…

I can’t rest

Too much on my chest,

As life in some ways…sours.

I will read my Bible more,

It calms me down to snore…

I’ve a different machine

Whose pressure is lean,

LESS than what I was used to, before!

–Jonathan Caswell



Caretaker of his wife, he was

Until amputation thus…

Found care of him

Under her whim,

His ego matured for the cause.

Their life in Christ was in being,

Through His love seeing…

Encouraging souls

Ultimate goals,

Whom they were was in Him succeeding.

Success not a matter of role,

But God’s encouraging the whole…

Definition by deed

It was Christ’s to succeed,

While His children with Him are clothed.

Working this through mortal frames

Is but one of Spiritual aims…

To work His will

Whether healthy or ill,

In Godly mercy and love  Christ came.

Who thus the greater be,

But Christ, Who lives in me…

We are man and wife,

Ransomed for life–

Father God as Daddy!

–Jonathan Caswell