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BLESSED DAY….by Carl Gooch


Remember what we have heard,

The truth from God’s holy word…

Aligning our thoughts with it in all we do

And finding God’s blessings to be true.

In the beginning we heard His command,

But like babies we didn’t understand…

He came down from His throne above

That we may witness His mercy and love.

This is to remind that what God gives

Will never die but for eternity lives…

His blessed forgiveness and our salvation

Will out live mankind and all nations.

God’s great gifts He gave for us to share,

His love and mercy are beyond compare…

Let us remember as we go along our way,

This is God’s gift and it is a blessed day!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 10 June 2014



Mercy came from endless love

Poured out from heaven above…

God’s own son brought me grace

And upon the cross took my place.

My loving Lord, who had no sin

Took mine that I may live with Him…

Each sting of the lash for me

He suffered to set me free.

His great love for me showed

Blood was shed and atoning flowed…

Then He lay in a cold dark grave

From which He rose my soul to save!

Love and joy great swells within,

Bright are the days I walk with Him…

Humbly my heart sings cheerily

For His blessings given to me.

I proclaim to man and nation

The is but One who brings salvation…

My Lord Jesus Christ…God’s own son

With mercy and grace my victory won!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 16 May 2014



Dear Lord*, you* took my place,

Saving me by your holy grace…

Paid the price of my sin–

In you I’ll be whole again.

The debt I owe is too great to repay,

But your love I’ll show from day-to-day…

I desire to follow your commands

As I remember your nail-scarred hands!

You came to dry all those tears I cried,

It was for me you suffered and died…

What great mercy Lord, you gave

To free this–your humble slave!

You were crowned with a thorny crown,

Precious blood was flowing down…

Sacrificial Lamb*, your salvation I know–

Thus found in the mercy you show.

Carl. A. Gooch ~ 04 April 2014

* NOTE: some literary practice does not capitalize all pronouns referring to a deity…only specific titles of that deity such as Lord, Lamb of God, etc.


MY LAST BREATH, by Carl Gooch

My Last Breath
My Lord, my Lord you have heard my prayer.
In the darkness I cried out and you were there.
Into a world filled with heartbreak and pain,
You brought forgiveness and love once again.
The world of sin came and knocked on my door;
But you O Lord did defeat it for ever more.
You were with me at my darkest point to quiet me.
Through my pain and suffering you allowed me to see.
My Lord, my Lord how great is your name,
Into my wicked sin filled world you came.
You O Lord are truly my strength and shield;
Only by your love and forgiveness am I healed.
You opened my eyes Lord, to your holy word;
It is the sweetest love song I have ever heard.
Into my life your wondrous blessing still flows;
And I will sing so all heaven and earth knows.
My Lord, my Lord you are my Savior, my King.
You are my guide and council, my everything.
You bought me and saved me with you death;
And I will praise your name with my last breath.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 14 August 2013



Jacob was a tricky one,
A Mamma’s boy making it good…
If anybody could humble someone like him
The Lord God Almighty would.

Jacob became not like Esau,
An uber-man of the field…
Who sold his birthright for a pot of soup
A sibling rivalry to yield.

If manhood’s defined by children produced
Then Jacob was a real giver…
By two wives and his concubines,
His manhood produced a full quiver!

The same became true of Jacob’s twelve sons,
A “motorcycle gang” and more…
They murdered all the men in Shechem to
Their sister’s honor to restore.

A famine threatened this “gang” family,
The solution by God was bold…
Salvation of Abraham’s bloodline
Was brought by a brother once sold…!

—Jonathan Caswell

BRAND NEW YEAR, by Carl Gooch

Brand New Year

It’s a brand new year, and a brand new day;

None has seen it, none have come this way.

It will be filled with what you choose to receive.

Blessings on blessings come to those who believe.

Seek to see the blessings of God in each day;

Open your heart and walk in His loving way.

Study His holy word and in His promises believe;

He died for you that forgiveness you may receive.

Serve the Lord as you are serving others today;

Show them God’s great love in the words you say.

Reach out your hand that His love they may receive;

Speak the words in your heart that they may believe.

Sing, shout and proclaim His glorious praises today;

Let them know He is the truth, the life and the way.

His love from your heart they will gladly receive;

When in His loving promises they trust and believe.

When you face troubles, or having a real rough day,

Give someone a hand and your troubles melt away.

As much as you give, all more you will receive;

I know there is truth in His love and so I believe.

Yes, it’s a brand new year and a brand new day.

We have tried it our way; now let’s try it His way.

For it is only in Him that salvation we receive,

To follow His way and in Christ Jesus believe.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 02 January 2013