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(Can be sung to tune of “Pop-Eye the Sailor Man”…or not! Numbered footnotes at the end.)

Why do Christian scholars split
Pauline teaching from the Gospel bit…
Without his preferences
We’d have few references
To prophesies Paul back-lit.

If our critics can split Paul from Christ,
God’s loving nature turns to ice…
Leaving only the Law
With a fatal flaw,
Gentiles can’t get in at any price!

Our critics would force us off faith
Onto works salvation no one makes…
Ignoring Abraham
Who believed “I AM”
And was credited righteous and safe. (1.)

Not even those under laws Mosaic
Totally keep what they treat as prosaic…(2.,3.)
Whether Muslims or Jews
Or Liberals on the news,
Some snicker when the faithful betray it.

—Jonathan Caswell

(1.)…Book of Genesis 15:6; Romans 4:3
(2.)…Matthew 15:2-8
(3.)…”Prosaic”…meaning commonplace or ordinary, nothing really special.